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  1. Power Steering Filter J37-1007 - Paccar
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  2. Coupling 05143616 - Detroit Diesel
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  3. Element - Filter, P/S 87972A - Paccar
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  4. Filter - Power Steering 87904M - Paccar
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  5. Filter - Power Steering Reservoir 14-17927-000 - Freightliner
    Price $45.80
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  6. Power Steering Filter 83804E - Fleetguard
    Price $26.11
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  7. Power Steering Filter 870678A - Kenworth
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7 Items
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Steering Filters

The power steering system on a truck is one of the top considerations for a safe, reliable journey and ensuring that everything functions properly can be the difference between a vehicle that performs well and lasts, and one that gives you a headache and costs you money.

In order for power steering to properly circulate through the steering system and provide top performance, it can be imperative for a steering filter to be installed. This device will work to remove any particles and debris that may enter the fluid for a cleaner, smoother ride.

Important functions of steering filters

You may already know that your vehicle has a host of filters, but you may not have realised that your power steering has one too. These are designed with the needs of steering fluid in mind, to protect the wider steering system from contaminates and impurities that may cause damage over time. The build-up of unnecessary debris can not only impact performance, but also lead to power steering pump failures that could easily be avoided.

What problems does dirty power steering fluid cause?

If your truck has dirty power steering fluid, drivers and owners may experience an increase in wear for fittings and larger steering system components, higher levels of friction, and even clogs that can force your pump to work harder than necessary. If you notice steering difficulty, leaking fluid, or unreasonably low fluid levels, it may be time to clean or replace your filter.

How often should you change a steering filter?

Steering filters should be changed yearly or every 300,000 miles (whichever comes first), but there will be other factors that may prompt a faster upgrade. Regular maintenance should also be performed to keep filters clean where possible.

Feel free to browse our steering filter range here at Big Rig World below. All of our filters and truck parts are sourced from leading manufacturers and industry brands for your peace of mind. We couple top steering filters with extensive experience, so you can contact us for advice for all your truck’s needs.