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  1. APTIV AM/FM/WB Stereo with PA Microphone PP105600 - PanaPacific
    Price $285.07
    Ships Today
  2. Panasonic Radio with CD/MP3/WMA PP107233 - PanaPacific
    Price $131.64
    Ships Today
  3. Radio-AM/FM CD W/Front-Panel Aux Input TR0004 - TRP
    Price $124.79
    Ships Today
  4. Antenna-Radio Am/Fm K365-100-2500 - Kenworth
    Price $64.29
    Ships Today
  5. APTIV Heavy-Duty AM/FM/WB With Front Panel USB Port PP807216 - PanaPacific
    Price $286.91
    Ships Today
  6. Radio -DEA710, AM/FM/WB/BT/USB/30D A22-78678-000 - Freightliner
    Price $681.41
    Ships within 72 hours
  7. Radio DEA710 KB Blue ST/BT Enabled/USB PP1071807103211200 - PanaPacific
    Price $255.21
    Ships within 72 hours
  8. Antenna - Thin Film, Internal, Radio, AM/FM, Sleeper 06-89177-000 - Freightliner
    Price $56.05
    Ships within 72 hours
  9. Radio - DEA610 KW PP1070076101100000 - PanaPacific
    Price $697.60
    Ships within 72 hours
  10. Radio - APTIV, DEA700 PP1071807102211200 - PanaPacific
    Price $269.63
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
  11. Radio Antenna Kit PP802458 - PanaPacific
    Price $82.00
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
  12. APTIV Heavy Duty AM/FM/WB with Front Panel USB Port PP807155 - PanaPacific
    Price $454.06
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
  13. DEA700 - AM/FM/WB/Front-Rear Aux (Amber) PP107216 - PanaPacific
    Price $173.09
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
  14. Radio AM/FM/WB/PA DEA500 Bus PP105602 - PanaPacific
    Price $294.99
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
  15. Handheld Remote Control PP603988 - PanaPacific
    Price $22.67
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
18 Items
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Radios and Tuners for Trucks

In the trucking world, effective communication and entertainment are key to a smooth journey. Among the many devices that make this possible, radios and tuners stand out. These essential cab accessories not only provide truckers with important news updates and weather forecasts but also serve as a reliable source of entertainment during long hauls.

Critical Features of Radios and Tuners

When it comes to selecting radios and tuners for trucks, there are several factors that truckers need to consider:

  • Signal Strength: This determines the clarity and reach of the broadcast. Radios with strong signal strength ensure uninterrupted service even in remote locations.
  • Number of Channels: More channels give truckers a wider range of stations to choose from, offering variety in music, news, and talk shows.
  • Ease of Installation: Radios and tuners should be easy to install and operate. They should fit seamlessly into the cab without requiring extensive modifications.
  • Sound Quality: Good sound quality ensures clear audibility, enhancing the overall experience.

Choosing the Right Radios and Tuners

Selecting the appropriate radios and tuners depends on the trucker's individual needs. If they frequently drive through remote areas, a radio with robust signal strength is paramount. On the other hand, if variety in entertainment is a priority, a tuner offering a large number of channels might be a better fit.

Radios and Tuners in the Big Rig Shop

The Big Rig shop provides a vast assortment of radios and tuners designed to meet diverse requirements. Whether truckers are looking for a basic radio for news updates, or a high-end tuner for superior musical experience, the shop offers a variety of options to enhance their journey.

Enhancing Trucking Journeys with Radios and Tuners

Radios and tuners are more than just accessories; they are the lifelines that keep truckers informed, entertained, and connected to the outside world during their long drives. In choosing the right one, truckers can transform their cab into a lively, informed space, making every journey more pleasant and productive. With the wide assortment available in the Big Rig shop, truckers can find the radios and tuners that are just right for them.