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  1. Diesel Particulate Filter Kit - MX EPA13 - w/ Clamps & Gaskets - 2274611PEX - Paccar Engine

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DPF Filters

While diesel engines can be more fuel-efficient and sustainable for trucks and other heavy vehicles, there has been a bigger focus in recent years on their emissions and the impact this type of fuel can have on the environment. As all vehicles have a host of filters to help maintain processes and keep a range of systems clean, it makes sense that one can be used to lower emissions. This is where Diesel Particulate Filters (or DPF filters) have grown in popularity - and as fuel formulations continue to evolve to meet industry needs, it can be important to ensure that your truck has the right one for its needs.

What does a Diesel Particulate Filter do?

The main function of a DPF filter is to collect and remove ash particles and similar matter that is generated by exhaust pipes. As these types of filters typically trap a large number of particles and debris during a truck’s normal function, it can be especially important to perform checks, cleaning, maintenance, and replacements (even more so than with other types of filters). 

Warning signs that your DPF filter may need changing

While a DPF filter should last for around 100,000 miles at the minimum, there will be factors that can cause it to need changing sooner. If you experience any of the following issues, it will be worthwhile to get the filter changed, even if you haven’t had it installed for that long.

Your DPF filter may need to be changed if:

  • A warning light appears on your dashboard
  • If you notice increased fuel consumption
  • If you experience reduced engine power
  • If the engine won’t start

Getting your DPF filter replaced

You will find a range of DPF filters below and our expert technicians here at Big Rig World are on hand to give you professional advice or assistance if you have any inquiries. All of our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers and brands, so you can rest assured that the DPF filter you buy will be of high quality and built to last. If you can’t find the DPF filter you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we will do our best to order parts in to meet your needs.