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  1. Actuator - Temp Mode Recirculation T6892003 - Paccar
    Price $85.12 Original price $115.11
    Ships Today
  2. Aluminum Accumulator F31-6063 - Peterbilt
    Price $96.79
    Ships Today
  3. Accumulator 4307194 - Cummins
    Cummins Accumulator 4307194
    Part# 4307194 OLD# -
    Price $1,493.19
    Ships within 72 hours
  4. Accumulator 5594272 - Cummins
    Cummins Accumulator 5594272
    Part# 5594272 OLD# 4307378
    Price $1,378.06
    Ships within 72 hours
  5. Accumulator - Peterbilt JC12000 - TRP
    Price $46.36
    Ships within 72 hours
  6. Accumulator - International JC21900 - TRP
    Price $81.10
    Ships within 72 hours
  7. Accumulator - Peterbilt JC10800 - TRP
    Price $44.45
    Ships within 72 hours
  8. Accumulator - Receiver Dryer JC21550 - TRP
    Price $90.15
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
8 Items
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Accumulators For Your Truck Air Conditioning Systems

If you own a heavy-duty truck, you know that it can generate a lot of heat. This heat can cause your truck’s air conditioning system to work harder to keep you cool, and it can also damage your truck’s HVAC system.

To prevent this damage, you need to keep your truck’s HVAC system in good shape. This means regularly topping off your truck’s air conditioning system and replacing your truck’s AC accumulators as needed. Shop Big Rig World for accumulators from top brands like Cummins, Peterbilt, TRP, and Alliance.

High-Quality Aluminum Accumulators

There are many different types of heavy-duty trucks out there, and each one has its own specific set of needs and requirements. When it comes to choosing the right type of AC accumulator for your heavy-duty truck, it's important to consider the specific needs of your vehicle. 

If you're in the market for a high-quality aluminum accumulator, you've come to the right place. Here at our store, we only carry the best of the best when it comes to truck AC accumulators. 

Made from durable aluminum, our accumulators are built to last and can withstand even the most rigorous use. Whether you're looking for a replacement for your old one or you're looking to upgrade your truck's AC system, we've got just what you need. Come check us out today and see for yourself why we're the best in the business.

How to Choose the Best Heavy Duty Truck AC Accumulator?

Make sure that the accumulator you choose is rated for the weight of your truck. Choose an accumulator or actuator that is made from high quality materials and is easy to install. Also, make sure that the accumulator you choose comes with a warranty. Shop Big Rig World’s selection for your desired truck accumulator.