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  1. Flasher 12/24V W1/4 Spade Terminals 1039-07732-30 - Paccar
    Price $154.76
    Ships Today
  2. Flasher Module, Signal-Stat, 2 Light Solid State 285 - Truck Lite
    Price $48.38
    Ships within 72 hours
  3. Flasher, Signal-Stat, 20 Light Electro-Mechanical 282 - Truck Lite
    Price $26.40
    Ships within 72 hours
  4. Flasher 44530 - Grote
    Grote Flasher 44530
    Part# 44530 OLD# 44530GR0
    Price $14.04
    Ships within 72 hours
  5. Electronic Flasher 44720 - Grote
    Grote Electronic Flasher 44720
    Part# 44720 OLD# 44720GR0
    Price $37.60
    Ships within 72 hours
  6. Electronic Flasher 44710 - Grote
    Grote Electronic Flasher 44710
    Part# 44710 OLD# 44710GR0
    Price $31.60
    Ships within 72 hours
  7. 3-Pin LED Flasher PF-240 - Maxxima
    Price $18.50
    Ships within 72 hours
  8. LED Flasher 44891 - Grote
    Grote LED Flasher 44891
    Part# 44891 OLD# 44891GR0
    Price $22.50
    Ships within 72 hours
  9. Electronic Flasher 44690 - Grote
    Grote Electronic Flasher 44690
    Part# 44690 OLD# 44690GR0
    Price $21.36
    Ships within 72 hours
10 Items
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Flashers - Essential for Safe Signaling

When you're on the road, communication is crucial. And for a trucker, a good part of that communication comes from signaling. Flashers play a pivotal role in ensuring that the truck’s intentions are clear to other road users.

Crucial for Road Safety

It's easy to overlook the importance of flashers until they malfunction. These devices control the blinking rate of a truck's turn signal and hazard lights. By doing so, they relay critical information to others on the road.

  • Clear Communication: A consistent blink rate ensures that other drivers understand a trucker's intention to turn or change lanes.
  • Safety First: In situations where visibility is compromised, like fog or heavy rain, flashers make sure the truck remains noticeable.

What Makes a Good Flasher?

There are numerous factors that set apart a high-quality flasher from an average one:

  • Durability: Given the frequency of their use, flashers need to last without faltering.
  • Consistency: A reliable flash rate means fewer chances of sending mixed signals to other drivers.
  • Compatibility: Not all flashers fit every truck model. It’s vital to get one that matches the truck's specifications.

If a truck's signals are erratic or not functioning, it might be time to check the flasher. Keeping them in top shape is non-negotiable for safe travels.

Why Flashers Fail?

Like any other component, flashers can have issues. They might wear out over time, or a sudden electrical surge could damage them. Regular inspections can help catch these problems early. The last thing a driver wants is to find out about a faulty flasher when trying to navigate a busy intersection.

Flashers at Big Rig Shop

For those who don’t compromise on safety and quality, Big Rig shop is the place to be. The shop boasts a wide assortment of flashers suitable for various truck models. Each product is carefully selected to ensure reliability and performance on the open road.

In wrapping up, flashers might be small, but their function is monumental in ensuring safe journeys. They are the silent guardians that help communicate a truck's intentions, making the roads a bit safer for everyone. The next time the turn signal is activated, think of the flasher working behind the scenes. And for the best in the business, Big Rig shop has got the back of every trucker out there.