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  1. O-ring 2116602PE - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine O-ring 2116602PE
    Part# 2116602PE OLD# -
    Price $8.33
    Ships Today
  2. Gasket - Service P155264 - Donaldson
    Price $21.93
    Ships Today
  3. Kit - Front Housing Install 263-2767 - CAT
    Price $142.89
    Ships Today
  4. Gasket, INT Manifold Cover 3947530 - Cummins
    Price $23.16
    Ships Today
  5. Seal - O-ring 3678925 - Cummins
    Price $6.90
    Ships Today
  6. Seal - Rectangular 3903475 - Cummins
    Price $5.23
    Ships Today
  7. Gasket - Power Steering Cover 23516100 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $5.98
    Ships Today
  8. Seal 08920200 - Detroit Diesel
    Detroit Diesel Seal 08920200
    Part# 08920200 OLD# -
    Price $18.50
    Ships Today
  9. Injector Ring Seal 2127551PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $13.07
    Ships Today
  10. Gasket, Hydraulic Pump 3940245 - Cummins
    Price $17.14
    Ships Today
  11. Seal, Rectangular Ring 3936876 - Cummins
    Price $4.41
    Ships Today
  12. Seal, O-Ring 3678786 - Cummins
    Price $3.62
    Ships Today
  13. Seal, O-Ring 3678603 - Cummins
    Price $4.19
    Ships Today
  14. Seal, O-Ring 3330537 - Cummins
    Price $3.38
    Ships Today
  15. Seal, Grommet 3103015 - Cummins
    Price $3.73
    Ships Today
  16. Head Gasket A4600160620 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $98.03
    Ships Today
  17. Brake Housing Gasket 3871472 - Cummins
    Price $141.68
    Ships Today
  18. Water Pump Gasket 2022929PE - Paccar
    Price $7.36
    Ships Today
  19. Injector O-ring 1638270PE - Paccar
    Price $9.53
    Ships Today
  20. Coolant Pump O-ring 1927605PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $8.49
    Ships Today
  21. Gasket 55K160 - Paccar
    Paccar Gasket 55K160
    Part# 55K160 OLD# -
    Price $35.98
    Ships Today
  22. Oil Seal, Crankshaft, Rear A0159974946 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $53.32
    Ships Today
  23. Oil Fill Gasket 2138144PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $21.53
    Ships Today
  24. O-ring 2130588PE - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine O-ring 2130588PE
    Part# 2130588PE OLD# -
    Price $9.31
    Ships Today
  25. Oil Pan Gasket 2111441PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $205.47
    Ships Today
  26. Valve Cover Gasket 2105834PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $53.52
    Ships Today
  27. Gasket-Exhaust, EGR 2035973PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $37.81
    Ships Today
  28. Gasket Set, Oil Module 2031670PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $38.38
    Ships Today
  29. Seal Ring, Venturi 1924315PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $45.76
    Ships Today
  30. O-Ring, 65 x 4.4mm 1922081PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $21.21
    Ships Today
  31. Gasket, Exhaust 1917870PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $16.64
    Ships Today
  32. Gasket 1913735PE - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine Gasket 1913735PE
    Part# 1913735PE OLD# -
    Price $24.72
    Ships Today
  33. Gasket-Exhaust Pipe, 113.9mm 1886111PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $18.69
    Ships Today
  34. O-Ring, Injector 1865847PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $9.56
    Ships Today
1-36 of 1147 Items
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Engine Gaskets and Seals: Small Parts, Big Impact

In the universe of truck parts, engine gaskets and seals might not steal the spotlight, but they perform a critical function. These components are the unsung heroes that keep everything sealed up nice and tight. They prevent the mixing of fluids like oil and coolant, which could be disastrous for any engine. Gaskets are usually found between two flat surfaces, while seals connect components that have a motion relation, such as a shaft and a housing. Ensuring these parts are of high quality is crucial for the long-term performance of a truck's engine.

Types and Locations: Know What You're Dealing With

Several different types of engine gaskets and seals are used in a truck engine, including:

  • Head Gaskets: These are critical for sealing the engine's combustion chamber.
  • Intake Manifold Gaskets: They help regulate the mixture of air and fuel.
  • Valve Stem Seals: These prevent oil from entering the combustion area.

Understanding the exact role and location of each type of gasket or seal is the first step in ensuring optimal engine performance.

When to Replace?

How does one know when it's time to replace engine gaskets and seals? It's usually not as straightforward as other parts like tires or brakes. However, there are some telltale signs:

  • Oil or coolant leaks
  • Decreased engine performance
  • Overheating
  • Unusual odors or smoke

These indicators should prompt immediate attention to avoid long-term damage to the engine.

Reliable Engine Gaskets and Seals for the Long Haul

When it comes to engine gaskets and seals, reliability and durability are non-negotiable. The Big Rig shop offers a comprehensive range of these vital components, designed to meet the specific demands of different truck models and engine types. Only top-grade materials that can withstand the pressures and temperatures of heavy-duty trucking are featured. It's all about ensuring that these small but impactful parts provide the robust performance that's expected, mile after mile.