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Other Suspension Components

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  1. TT90 Repair Kit SRK1190-1 - Watson Chalin
    Price $331.07
    Ships Today
  2. Spacer 03-06748-002 - Peterbilt
    Peterbilt Spacer 03-06748-002
    Part# 03-06748-002 OLD# -
    Price $11.00
    Ships Today
  3. Washer - U Bolt Rear AXLE 3/4X1 - 3/8X0.2 03-01199SPL - Paccar
    Price $1.77
    Ships Today
  4. Spacer - Torque Rod 03-00870 - Peterbilt
    Price $10.33
    Ships Today
  5. Linkage - Low Air Leaf Kit 320154BRK - Paccar
    Price $15.19
    Ships Today
  6. Pin - Spring, Front Suspension B65-6010 - Paccar
    Price $49.26
    Ships Today
  7. Link - Air Suspension 29-03582 - Peterbilt
    Price $33.67
    Ships Today
  8. Washer - Flat, Steel, Hardened, 7/8 In. 23-09114-005 - Freightliner
    Price $1.56
    Ships Today
  9. Service Kit - NGP KW Lateral Control Arm 25523014 - Paccar
    Price $261.56
    Ships Today
  10. Crossbar - Air Spring 03-08274 - Peterbilt
    Price $281.32
    Ships Today
  11. Cabmate-KWB689C 25332012 - Link Manufacturing
    Price $1,069.11
    Ships Today
  12. Kit - Air LC-SS1-R2 - Hendrickson
    Hendrickson Kit - Air LC-SS1-R2
    Part# LC-SS1-R2 OLD# HAC-SS1
    Price $407.71
    Ships Today
  13. Shock Stud B34-6003 - Paccar
    Paccar Shock Stud B34-6003
    Part# B34-6003 OLD# -
    Price $59.64
    Ships Today
  14. Axle Stop C83-1036 - Kenworth
    Kenworth Axle Stop C83-1036
    Part# C83-1036 OLD# -
    Price $87.76
    Ships Today
  15. Rear Axle Stop C83-1055 - Kenworth
    Price $111.24
    Ships Today
  16. Airglide Hose Assembly (54 In.) HE2354 - Dynacraft
    Price $196.46
    Ships Today
  17. Axle Stop K230-1054 - Kenworth
    Kenworth Axle Stop K230-1054
    Part# K230-1054 OLD# -
    Price $67.01
    Ships Today
  18. Pad-Front Spring K174-912 - Kenworth
    Price $160.81
    Ships Today
  19. U Bolt-Front Spring 7/8-14NFx104MMx322MM K241-571-322 - Paccar
    Price $52.40
    Ships Today
  20. U-Bolt (3/4-16 X 122.2mm X 270mm) K241-570-270 - Paccar
    Price $46.14
    Ships Today
  21. Bracket - Torque Rod K055-405 - Paccar
    Price $76.59
    Ships Today
  22. U Bolt - Front Spring 3/4-16NF x104mm x 283mm K241-570-283 - Paccar
    Price $57.01
    Ships Today
  23. Spacer-Front Axle K221-4737 - Paccar
    Price $87.23
    Ships Today
  24. Spring Pin B65-1017-003 - Paccar
    Paccar Spring Pin B65-1017-003
    Part# B65-1017-003 OLD# -
    Price $113.13
    Ships Today
  25. Front Spring Pin 02-01781 - Paccar
    Price $50.46
    Ships Today
  26. Cab/Sleeper Suspension Link 15000253 - Link Manufacturing
    Price $10.57
    Ships Today
  27. Rubber Bumper 15000070 - Link Manufacturing
    Price $12.37
    Ships Today
  28. Tower Assembly 800758 - Chalmers
    Price $412.14
    Ships within 72 hours
  29. Plate - Wear, Rear Axle K274-51 - Kenworth
    Price $3,625.46
    Ships within 72 hours
  30. Axle Seat Maintenance Hardware Kit Only SRK02-01 - Watson Chalin
    Price $214.07
    Ships within 72 hours
  31. Front Axle Spacer Assembly B80-1005-5058 - Kenworth
    Price $121.16
    Ships within 72 hours
  32. Polyurethane Shim SP1154M-04 - Atro
    Price $4.99
    Ships within 72 hours
  33. Spring Eye Shackle Kit SK62-10600 - Atro
    Price $170.86
    Ships within 72 hours
1-36 of 296 Items
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Other Suspension Components: Essential for a Smooth and Safe Ride

In the comprehensive world of truck suspension systems, while major parts like springs and shock absorbers get most of the attention, other suspension components play equally critical roles. These components, often overlooked, are fundamental in ensuring the smooth operation, safety, and longevity of your truck's suspension system. They include items such as stabilizer bars, suspension bushings, control arms, and more. Each part, though small in size, carries a significant responsibility in maintaining the truck's stability, especially under heavy loads and in various driving conditions.

Diverse Roles of Various Suspension Components

  • Stabilizer Bars: These bars, also known as sway bars, help in reducing the roll or sway of a truck during sharp turns, enhancing stability and safety.
  • Suspension Bushings: Made from rubber or polyurethane, these bushings cushion the suspension system, reducing noise and vibration, and contributing to a smoother ride.
  • Control Arms: They connect the suspension system to the truck’s frame, aiding in proper wheel alignment and handling.

Importance of Quality and Compatibility 

When it comes to these various suspension components, two factors are paramount: quality and compatibility. High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, while the right fit guarantees optimal performance and safety. It’s crucial to choose components that are specifically designed for your truck's make and model.

Regular Maintenance for Longevity 

Regular inspections and maintenance of these suspension parts are essential. Wear and tear on components like bushings or control arms can significantly impact your truck's handling and safety. Timely replacement or upgrades can prevent more extensive and costly repairs down the line.

Fulfill All Your Suspension Needs at Big Rig World

At Big Rig World, we understand that every part of your truck's suspension system is vital. That's why we offer a wide assortment of these 'other suspension components', carefully selected for their quality, durability, and compatibility with various truck models. Whether you are looking to replace a worn-out part or upgrade your suspension system, our collection has everything you need to ensure your truck rides smoothly and safely. Browse our selection and find the perfect components to enhance the performance and comfort of your rig. With Big Rig World, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of every product, ensuring your truck remains in top condition for every journey.