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  1. Shaft - Steering 915017-1SX - Paccar
    Price $317.52 Original price $340.73
    Ships Today
  2. Arm - Pitman, THP60, Long Wheel Base 14-18526-000 - Freightliner
    Price $226.88 Original price $233.31
    Ships Today
  3. Pitman Arm 10-02940 - Peterbilt
    Price $416.67
    Ships Today
  4. Draglink J20-6005 - Peterbilt
    Peterbilt Draglink J20-6005
    Part# J20-6005 OLD# -
    Price $336.51 Original price $397.50
    Ships Today
  5. Draglink 10-02740 - Paccar
    Paccar Draglink 10-02740
    Part# 10-02740 OLD# -
    Price $391.60
    Ships Today
  6. Draglink-Steering L24VU8445A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink-Steering L24VU8445A11
    Part# L24VU8445A11 OLD# -
    Price $420.21
    Ships Today
  7. Draglink L24VU8422A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8422A11
    Part# L24VU8422A11 OLD# -
    Price $450.31
    Ships Today
  8. Draglink L24VU8460A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8460A11
    Part# L24VU8460A11 OLD# -
    Price $453.99
    Ships Today
  9. Arm-Pitman 842666 - TRW
    TRW Arm-Pitman 842666
    Part# 842666 OLD# -
    Price $315.73
    Ships Today
  10. Shaft-Steering Intermediate 418022-12 - TRW
    Price $340.70
    Ships Today
  11. Intermediate Steering Shaft Assembly 418050-6 - Paccar
    Price $378.40
    Ships Today
  12. Driveline-Steering Shaft 418050-1 - TRW
    Price $332.74 Original price $357.04
    Ships Today
  13. Shaft-Steering Intermediate 418039 - TRW
    Price $338.89
    Ships Today
  14. End - Tie Rod RH 1.50 inch TRE11987 - TRP
    Price $42.96
    Ships Today
  15. End - Tie Rod RH 1.50 inch TRE11003 - TRP
    Price $29.70
    Ships Today
  16. End - Tie Rod LH 1.50 Inch TRE11988 - TRP
    Price $42.96
    Ships Today
  17. Draglink L24VU8008B11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8008B11
    Part# L24VU8008B11 OLD# -
    Price $417.29
    Ships Today
  18. Draglink L24VU8036B11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8036B11
    Part# L24VU8036B11 OLD# -
    Price $373.99
    Ships Today
  19. Arm-Pitman 842448-02 - TRW
    TRW Arm-Pitman 842448-02
    Part# 842448-02 OLD# -
    Price $307.14
    Ships Today
  20. Retainer Assembly-Pitman Arm 1790932K - Sheppard
    Price $101.01
    Ships Today
  21. Draglink L24VT9090A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VT9090A11
    Part# L24VT9090A11 OLD# -
    Price $484.03
    Ships within 72 hours
  22. Draglink L24VU8574A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8574A11
    Part# L24VU8574A11 OLD# -
    Price $473.76
    Ships within 72 hours
  23. Draglink L24VU8573A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8573A11
    Part# L24VU8573A11 OLD# -
    Price $473.76
    Ships within 72 hours
  24. Drag Link L24VU8182A11 - TRW
    TRW Drag Link L24VU8182A11
    Part# L24VU8182A11 OLD# -
    Price $464.46
    Ships within 72 hours
  25. Draglink L24VU8373A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8373A11
    Part# L24VU8373A11 OLD# -
    Price $462.49
    Ships within 72 hours
  26. Draglink L24VU8374A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8374A11
    Part# L24VU8374A11 OLD# -
    Price $462.34
    Ships within 72 hours
  27. Draglink L24VT8025A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VT8025A11
    Part# L24VT8025A11 OLD# -
    Price $443.26
    Ships within 72 hours
  28. Draglink L24VU8011B11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink L24VU8011B11
    Part# L24VU8011B11 OLD# -
    Price $442.61
    Ships within 72 hours
  29. Draglink - Medium L24VU8376A11 - TRW
    TRW Draglink - Medium L24VU8376A11
    Part# L24VU8376A11 OLD# -
    Price $393.80
    Ships within 72 hours
  30. Draglink - End L24SV8562A12L - TRW
    TRW Draglink - End L24SV8562A12L
    Part# L24SV8562A12L OLD# -
    Price $193.13
    Ships within 72 hours
  31. Tie Rod End Assembly L24SV8004B12 - Paccar
    Price $145.72
    Ships within 72 hours
  32. Seal - Boot Draglink L24VC134 - Paccar
    Price $35.49
    Ships within 72 hours
  33. Draglink L24VT8002D11 - Paccar
    Paccar Draglink L24VT8002D11
    Part# L24VT8002D11 OLD# -
    Price $524.80
    Ships within 72 hours
  34. Draglink L24VU8005B11 - Kenworth
    Kenworth Draglink L24VU8005B11
    Part# L24VU8005B11 OLD# -
    Price $508.50
    Ships within 72 hours
  35. Draglink L24VT9222A11 - Paccar
    Paccar Draglink L24VT9222A11
    Part# L24VT9222A11 OLD# -
    Price $489.90
    Ships within 72 hours
  36. Drag Link, Low Maint. L24VU8208A11 - Kenworth
    Price $455.17
    Ships within 72 hours
1-36 of 167 Items
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Steering Linkage: Navigating with Precision and Durability

In the robust world of trucking, the steering linkage plays a pivotal role in the maneuverability and control of a heavy-duty vehicle. This integral component of the steering system acts as the critical liaison between the steering wheel and the wheels, ensuring that the driver's input is accurately transmitted for precise vehicle navigation. For truck drivers who tackle diverse terrains and demand reliability, the quality and maintenance of the steering linkage are of utmost importance.

Key Components of Steering Linkage

  • Tie Rods: These rods connect the steering rack to the wheels, facilitating the turning of the tires in response to steering wheel movements.
  • Drag Links: They transfer motion from the steering gear to the wheel, ensuring that the wheels turn together in a coordinated manner.
  • Pitman Arms: Attached to the steering box, these arms convert the angular motion from the steering column into linear motion needed for steering.

Choosing the Right Steering Linkage 

Selecting the appropriate steering linkage involves considering:

  • Compatibility with Your Truck Model: Ensure that the linkage components are perfectly suited for your specific truck model for optimal performance.
  • Quality and Durability: High-quality materials are essential for the longevity and reliability of steering linkage components.
  • Design and Functionality: Choose designs that offer precise steering control and smooth operation.

Importance of Regular Maintenance 

Regular inspections and maintenance of the steering linkage are crucial. This includes checking for wear and tear, ensuring all components are properly lubricated, and making timely replacements to avoid steering issues.

Find Your Steering Linkage Solutions at Big Rig World 

Our selection includes a wide array of steering linkage components, all crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Whether you're looking for a replacement part or an upgrade to enhance your truck's steering performance, our range has you covered. With our top-notch steering linkage options, you can ensure that your truck remains responsive and easy to maneuver in all driving conditions. Explore our collection at Big Rig World and equip your vehicle with the finest steering linkage components available, keeping your journeys safe and your handling precise.