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  1. Clamp - Air Cleaner K077-398 - Paccar
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  2. Clamp-Air Cleaner Polished K077-313P0L - Kenworth
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Secure your Air Cleaner with Strong Air Cleaner Bands

When you have an air cleaner installed on your truck, it can be important to secure it properly to ensure function and minimize potential damage. Having an air cleaner band that fits around your air cleaner will not only hold it securely in place, but also keep it in good condition as it will be less prone to dings and damage.

Selecting the right air cleaner band

It can be a good idea to select air cleaner bands that are durable and made from stainless steel to ensure longevity and keep everything in place, but you should also opt for a secure fit (many air cleaner bands are adjustable to help with this, but will come with a standard diameter). If your air cleaner is loose, not only will it be unable to function at full capacity, but it can also fall off and cause damage to your truck or injury to passers-by (or even yourself). A full replacement will also be more costly.

Buy air cleaner bands at Big Rig World

If you can’t find the air cleaner band you are looking for right here at Big Rig World, why not reach out to one of our expert technicians? We will advise you and can order in parts to suit your needs with little fuss. As Big Rig World is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for a host or truck and heavy vehicle parts, we also have a range of air cleaner kits and component parts if you need to upgrade the mounting, clamps, heat shields, or anything else. We also have door lock kits, a host of vehicle filters and so much more, so don’t hesitate to visit the necessary product page and take a look.

Remember that prevention will be more effective than dealing with repairs, so properly secure your air cleaner with an air cleaner band (or even multiple ones depending on the size of your model) before you hit the road. Doing so will be cheaper and ensure the lifespan of your installation.