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  1. Water Valve SR2000039 - Bergstrom
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  2. Heater & Air Conditioner Assembly-Cab K142-535-1 - Kenworth
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  3. Cab Heater & Air Conditioner Assembly K142-513-1 - Kenworth
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  4. Water Valve Kit - Electric/Manual 1000451925BSM - Bergstrom
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  5. Water Valve 1000348325BSM - Bergstrom
    Bergstrom Water Valve 1000348325BSM
    Part# 1000348325BSM OLD# MA10100
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5 Items
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A Wide Range of Cab Heating Components

Trucks, especially those used for long hauls, require certain amenities to maintain driver comfort, and one essential aspect of this is temperature control. Cab heating components form an integral part of this comfort system. These elements include heaters, blowers, control knobs, resistors, and ducts, all working in concert to maintain the desired temperature within the cab, regardless of external weather conditions.

Roles and Importance of Cab Heating Components

Each of the cab heating components has a specific role to play:

  • Heaters: This crucial part provides the warmth necessary to keep the cab comfortable during chilly weather.
  • Blowers: These components circulate warm air throughout the cab, ensuring uniform heat distribution.
  • Control Knobs: They offer drivers the ability to adjust the heater's output to their preference.
  • Resistors: These ensure the blower operates at the correct speed.
  • Ducts: These channel warm air to various areas within the cab.

Choosing Cab Heating Components

Choosing the right cab heating components comes down to factors like the truck's make and model, the component's durability, and the ease of installation. High-quality components not only provide optimal heating performance but also have a longer lifespan, saving truckers from frequent replacements.

The Selection at the Big Rig Shop

At the Big Rig shop, truck drivers can find a wide array of cab heating components. With items compatible with various truck makes and models, the shop caters to a broad range of needs. Moreover, all parts undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring that customers get reliable and durable components for their trucks.