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  1. Plug - Sealing 0281264PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $8.82
    Ships Today
  2. Bolt - Flange Turbocharger 1895972PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $24.40
    Ships Today
  3. Bolt - Flange 1673522PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $5.13
    Ships Today
  4. O-ring 2116602PE - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine O-ring 2116602PE
    Part# 2116602PE OLD# -
    Price $8.33
    Ships Today
  5. Piston Ring Kit MX-13,EPA13 1935137PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $187.33
    Ships Today
  6. Gasket - Service P155264 - Donaldson
    Price $21.93
    Ships Today
  7. EGR Valve 2339622PE - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine EGR Valve 2339622PE
    Part# 2339622PE OLD# 2256370PE
    Price $2,538.75
    Ships Today
  8. Pump - Oil Engine 1810104PEX - Paccar Engine

    Core charge

    Price $872.20
    Ships Today
  9. Kit - Front Housing Install 263-2767 - CAT
    Price $142.89
    Ships Today
  10. Gasket, INT Manifold Cover 3947530 - Cummins
    Price $20.53
    Ships Today
  11. Rear Motor Mount Kit - High Heat MM59-62002-HT - Atro
    Price $87.13
    Ships Today
  12. Seal - O-ring 3678925 - Cummins
    Price $6.72
    Ships Today
  13. Vibration Damper (1Kt=4 Pcs) 1956203PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $208.09
    Ships Today
  14. Seal - Rectangular 3903475 - Cummins
    Price $5.85
    Ships Today
  15. Turbocharger, MX-13, EPA17, HE400 2343157PEX - Paccar Engine

    Core charge

    Price $7,823.25
    Ships Today
  16. Flanged Bolt 2140172PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $2.31
    Ships Today
  17. Bolt - Flange 1313119PE - Paccar
    Paccar Bolt - Flange 1313119PE
    Part# 1313119PE OLD# -
    Price $0.97
    Ships Today
  18. Turbocharger Kit 5458272RX - Cummins

    Core charge

    Price $6,372.06
    Ships Today
  19. Pipe A4711407708 - Detroit Diesel
    Detroit Diesel Pipe A4711407708
    Part# A4711407708 OLD# -
    Price $153.96
    Ships Today
  20. Mounting Bolt, Fuel Injector A0029900400 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $3.13
    Ships Today
  21. Plug A0019984250 - Detroit Diesel
    Detroit Diesel Plug A0019984250
    Part# A0019984250 OLD# -
    Price $6.58
    Ships Today
  22. Elbow 23539156 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $425.91
    Ships Today
  23. Bushing Kit 23524578 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $98.03
    Ships Today
  24. Alternator Bracket 23521125 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $74.34
    Ships Today
  25. Gasket - Power Steering Cover 23516100 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $5.98
    Ships Today
  26. Seal 08920200 - Detroit Diesel
    Detroit Diesel Seal 08920200
    Part# 08920200 OLD# -
    Price $18.50
    Ships Today
  27. Engine Piston Kit 4376244 - Cummins
    Cummins Engine Piston Kit 4376244
    Part# 4376244 OLD# 4376244CUM
    Price $756.94
    Ships Today
  28. Kit, Hp Fuel Inj Line, Seal, Cyl 1,2,3 A4700781810 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $93.12
    Ships Today
  29. Protective Plug 4918874 - Cummins
    Price $143.55
    Ships Today
  30. Dipstick - Yellow D65-1043-2YEL - Paccar
    Price $147.03
    Ships Today
  31. Injector Ring Seal 2127551PE - Paccar Engine
    Price $13.07
    Ships Today
  32. Main Brg Kit A4710300140 - Detroit Diesel
    Price $84.96
    Ships Today
  33. Turbo Actuator HE400 2348191PEX - Paccar Engine
    Paccar Engine Turbo Actuator HE400 2348191PEX
    Part# 2348191PEX OLD# 2348174PEX

    Core charge

    Price $1,453.70
    Ships Today
  34. Stud 5286984 - Cummins
    Cummins Stud 5286984
    Part# 5286984 OLD# -
    Price $10.36
    Ships Today
  35. Gasket, Hydraulic Pump 3940245 - Cummins
    Price $16.69
    Ships Today
1-36 of 8252 Items
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The Lifeline of the Truck: Engines & Components

In the world of trucking, nothing holds more significance than the engine and its associated components. Just like the heart pumps blood throughout the body, the engine drives power into every part of the truck. It's composed of multiple components like pistons, camshafts, and crankshafts. Each of these parts performs specific functions, all of which converge to make the truck not just move, but thrive on the road.

Key Elements of a Truck Engine

Within the broad category of engines and components, some essential elements demand special attention:

  • Pistons: Crucial for compressing the air-fuel mixture and making the truck roar to life.
  • Camshaft: Controls the opening and closing of valves; timing is everything here.
  • Crankshaft: Transforms the piston's linear motion into rotational motion to move the wheels.

Engine Control Module (ECM): The brain that regulates air-fuel ratio, idle speed, and variable valve timing.

Why Quality Matters

An engine is a robust machine, but even the toughest of the tough can break down if composed of sub-par components. The components should withstand wear and tear, resist heat, and offer longevity. Plus, who wants to spend all their time and money on frequent breakdowns and replacements? Quality is not just a choice; it's a necessity in this industry.

Available Selection at the Big Rig Shop

The Big Rig shop offers a diverse range of engines and components. These are not just generic pieces of metal but components crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether in need of a simple valve replacement or a complete engine overhaul, the shop has got it covered.

Final Remarks on Engines & Components

In conclusion, when it comes to trucking, nothing beats the importance of a well-functioning engine populated with high-quality components. With the right pistons, camshafts, and other critical elements, the life of a truck can be significantly extended. The Big Rig shop houses an extensive assortment of these items, each designed to meet the rigorous demands of the road. After all, an engine is not just a machine; it's the beating heart of every truck.