Dura-Black Alcoa Wheels

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  1. Alcoa Aluminum Wheel with Dura-Black ULA18BLK - Alcoa
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Dura-Black Alcoa Wheels Give Trucks A Serious Swagger

When it comes to wheels, nothing speaks louder than class. And that’s what you get with Dura-Black Alcoa wheels. 

They’re polished both sides, giving them that high-gloss finish that looks great and reflects light brilliantly. These will last longer than wheels that are not polished on both sides.

Plus, their durability is unrivaled, so you can be sure that your truck ride will be in good hands. 

Easy-To-Clean Polished Wheels That Last

Dura-Black wheels are polished both sides to achieve a high gloss and reflective finish. These wheels are perfect for heavy vehicles and are a must have for any truck driver that wants a wheel that can retain its shine after a quick wash with soap and water. 

Whether you're looking for a classic look or something that stands out, these aluminum wheels are perfect for you. Contact Big Rig World for genuine Dura-Black Alcoa wheels.

Tough Coat That Resists Corrosion

Alcoa's Dura-Black wheels are the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds - the strength and durability of aluminum, with the blacked-out look that is so popular today. 

These wheels are made from a special aluminum alloy that is designed to resist corrosion and wear, and they are finished with a tough black powder coat that gives them a rugged, off-road look. 

Dura-Black aluminum wheels are high gloss and reflective. This makes them look great and make your truck look like it has a new finish with just a quick wash after a hard drive.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your truck or just want to add some style to your daily drive, Dura-Black wheels from Alcoa are a great choice.