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  1. Rotor - Disc Brake 15.00X1.43 - D6227M - Accuride
    Price $270.37
    Ships within 72 hours
  2. Rotor - Air Disc, Splined, Flat - ADR1020 - Paccar
    Price $294.61
    Ships within 72 hours
  3. Hub/Rotor Assembly - 10083209 - Conmet
    Conmet Hub/Rotor Assembly
    Part# 10083209 OLD# CM10083209
    Price $1,086.13
    Ships within 72 hours
  4. Hub & Rotor Assembly - 10084931 - Conmet
    Conmet Hub & Rotor Assembly
    Part# 10084931 OLD# CM10084931
    Price $1,365.54
    Ships within 72 hours
  5. Rotor - HD Splined ADB225X - 802569 - Bendix
    Bendix Rotor - HD Splined ADB225X
    Part# 802569 OLD# 10025445C0N
    Price $308.08
    Ships within 72 hours
  6. Air Disc Brake Rotor - K038574 - Bendix
    Bendix Air Disc Brake Rotor
    Part# K038574 OLD# K038574BXW
    Price $341.01
    Ships within 72 hours
  7. Rotor Shield - K123971 - Bendix
    Bendix Rotor Shield
    Part# K123971 OLD# K024012BXW
    Price $430.64
    Ships within 3 to 6 weeks
7 Items
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High Performance Air Disc Brake Rotors For HGVs

If you're like most truckers, you're probably familiar with the benefits of using air disc brakes on your truck. Air brakes are a great option because they offer a lot of stopping power without the noise and harshness of conventional brakes. But what do air disc brakes need? Rotors. Most air disc brake rotors are made from durable, high-performance metal, like aluminum. But rotors come in different sizes, and truckers need to make sure they get the right size for their truck. You can find Accuride, Paccar, and Conmet rotors at Big Rig World that's compatible with your truck.

Brake Rotors Designed for Optimum Performance

The air disc brake rotor is an important part of your heavy-duty truck’s braking system. It’s designed to resist heat and wear, ensuring that your truck’s braking system performs its best. The hub is the part of the assembly that sits inside the drum of the brake system. The rotor is the part of the hub that rotates and creates friction against the brake pads. The brake pad is the part of the rotor that actually stops the vehicle. The brake pad is made out of rubber or metal, and it is attached to the rotor by the brake shoe.

Get the right-sized Brake Hub & Rotor Assembly for Your Truck

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a rotor for your truck. These include the size of the disc brake rotor, the type of brake system you have, and the weight of your truck. If you're looking for a quality product, be sure to check out our selection of Accuride, Paccar, and Conmet air disc brake rotors. We have a variety of high-performance rotors that are sure to meet your needs.