Lighting, Electrical

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Wiring And Lights For Semis

From the fog and headlight assembly to wiring harnesses with heavy-duty wiring for your Freightliner, Kenworth or other trucks, we have different types of lighting available for semis. Choose the appropriate wiring harness & cables and switches to operate these lights. We also stock stop & turn lights and marker & clearance lights for all popular makes of heavy duty trucks.

Wiring Harness & Cables, Switches, & Other Electrical Components

The wiring harness & cables are specific to certain types of semis. Make sure to buy the right type of wiring harness for your vehicle, including your rear axle harness sensor. 

You'll find a battery power or power fuse harness featuring heavy-duty wiring and connectors, so it can handle the stresses of regular use. Plus, they come with all the necessary switches and connectors to get you up and running in no time.

Headlights & Fog Lights

Headlights are a must-have for any truck, and you can install a high-power headlight harness and connect it to your truck's headlight bulbs. You can also add a low-power headlight harness to use when driving in low-light conditions. 

Install a fog light harness and connect it to your truck's fog lights. You can also install a fog light relay to control your fog lights from a remote location. From a lamp and fog light left hand assembly to a LED headlight with heated high and low beam, you can find the exact lighting assembly you need for your truck.

Marker Lights, Clearance Lights & More

Marker lights are great for indicating your position on the road. You can also add an auxiliary marker light to your wiring harness to indicate other information, such as your truck's fuel level.

Clearance lights are another must-have for trucks. They help you see around obstacles and in low light conditions. You can also add a LED light bar to your wiring harness to create a more dramatic effect.

Choose from a wide variety of interior lights and components including interior dome lamps, ambient sleeper lamps, reading lamps and task lamps.