Collision, Body & Mirrors

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Truck Collision, Body Parts, & Mirrors

Are you looking for a quality selection of bumpers and tow hitches? Do you need door assemblies and lock kits? At Big Rig World, we have everything you need to outfit your HGV with the latest in bumpers, tow hitches, door assemblies, lock kits, hood components, sleeper panels and trims, TRP truck parts, and Cham-Cal mirror kits. Plus, we offer competitive prices and easy, online ordering.

Bumpers, Door Assemblies, & Hood Components 

If you need to haul something large or bulky, our bumper or tow hitches offer a great way to do it. Use our tow hitches to attach your vehicle to a tow truck, allowing you to transport large items without having to worry about damaging your truck.

Door assemblies are made up of several parts, including a door handle, door latch, and door jamb. Lock kits include a lock, key, and security cable. Both options provide an easy way to keep your truck and contents safe from thieves. Hood components can include spoilers, air intakes, and grilles. They can also be personalized with your own logo or design.

Sleeper Panels and Trims, Hardware, & Cham-Cal Mirrors

One of the most common accidents involving freight trains is when a sleeper truck or cab collides with another vehicle. Our collision components make sure that the sleeper doors and vents on the freight trains are properly sealed and insulated, and that the panels and trims on the trucks are properly installed and sealed. 

Cham-Cal mirror kits are a great option if you're looking for a mirror that's compatible with trucks like Kenworth, Paccar, Peterbilt, and Freightliner. These kits include a mirror, mount, and bracket, making installation easy and hassle-free.